A foundation built on it’s clientele and employee’s as Number 1, SMART’s purpose is proving trust and integrity to those being serviced within Mystery Shopping & Surveying processes. Working with firms spanning the entire continent, the need to create a better process in providing quality shops wasn’t just a dream – it's process was put under scrutiny, tested and built into reality.

Filling a very important need in a world of non-specific partners in mystery shopping, SMART has perfected it's process and works closely together, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Our group of industry trusted individuals effectively communicate and offer insight through every step along the way. We pride ourselves in remaining a firm of perfect size, enough to serve our current clientele while still being able to have time keeping sight of development and future commitments. We don't shuffle from project to project and wait for shops to complete, we focus per contract and wouldn't have it any other way. Your contract and it’s quality completion are always number one. We meet twice weekly discussing progress and note information believed to be important for inclusion in the final report of shop surveys. We don't lose sight of the original purpose you decided for conducting research and ultimately promote the loyalty and longevity of your organization.

Our mission is to provide the maximum amount of quality surveyed info, working intelligently to bring your bottom line and ideal situation into reality. We don't compare and set our standards using Shop Surveys that are commonly used in the industry. We customize an original survey, spending as long as it takes to make it perfect. We are not a firm that only supports other resellers, the type that takes on all shops and surveys regardless of volume or type of shop. SMART is fully self-supportive and only accepts contracts with the industries we know about and can cater to, providing flawless results, the SMART way.

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SMART's crew maintains professional standards in an industry where we previously wondered if the information provided was worth the neverending headache! They reaffirmed our trust in Mystery Shopping by always delivering what they promise and always ahead of schedule!

-A. Flores, Dir. of Marketing,
CA/NY based Men's grooming product sales

Communication is very important - and we expect it to assist us in keeping our unparalleled service level flawless. When in doubt, go the SMART route! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

-C. Wilson, SR VP,
Leading AZ Fine Jeweler

Our surveyed level of service is much higher than previously benchmarked industry averages utilizing secret shoppers to produce and promote rewards on all levels. Efforts to raise and keep our marketing compliance were always a challenge before SMART Advisors. We're delighted to have a trusted partner that we can count on!

-M. Holland, Operations Manager,
US based Restaurant brand